At first glance, Eckart Hahn’s paintings appear to have a 3-dimensional quality to them. His brushstrokes illustrate melting plastic, undulating fabric, and muscular forms, all giving the work a tangible quality. Like the old masters, the composition is strategic, creating a humiliating and humorous juxtaposition.  Brilliant subject, palette and composition in all of these selects.

eckarthahn-DreamSmoke 01 Eckart Hahn Ausstellungsdoku Katalogfotos Kunstpalais Erlangen 14. September 2011 eckarthahn- DreamSmoke 07 eckarthahn- DreamSmoke 08
eckarthahn-DreamSmoke 02 eckarthahn-DreamSmoke 03 eckarthahn-DreamSmoke 04 eckarthahn-DreamSmoke 05 eckarthahn-DreamSmoke 06