Practical and Stylish Clothes for Female Cyclists

Fashion startup Iva Jean has redesigned some wardrobe staples to help women stay stylish while they cycle.

Founded by Seattle-based designer Ann DeOtte, the business is currently offering its Spring 2013 range aimed at making cycling more comfortable for women. The Reveal Skirt is a pencil skirt made of durable, flexible fabric that comes with a discreet zip at the back to give leeway when pedalling, retailing at USD 160. The USD 130 Two-Way Reflective Vest offers visibility in low light and is also reversible for flexibility. Also available is the Daily Blouse for USD 80 – a loose fitting and breathable asymmetrical top – and the USD 240 Rain Cape, which is a more elegant alternative to traditional waterproof coats. This Spring 2013 range was recently crowdfunded via a successful Kickstarter campaign.

DeOtte states that the company’s mission is to get more women cycling by offering a more stylish range of practical gear than is currently on the market, tailored in particular to businesswomen who commute to work. How else could more women be encouraged to get on their bikes?


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