25 Amazing Portfolio Website Designs for 2013

Portfolio websites are a favorite source of design inspiration for me. Not only is it helpful to see how other designers and agencies are presenting their work samples and presenting their services, but portfolio sites are often quality, creative designs. Most designers and agencies want to make the best possible impression on new visitors by having a portfolio site that looks great. The result is plenty of inspiration for anyone who wants to browse through samples of excellent portfolio sites.

In this post we’ll showcase 25 current examples of portfolio websites for your own inspiration.

Striking Alchemy

1 Striking Alchemy DreamSmoke

Danny Montes

2 Danny Montes DreamSmoke


3 LBM DreamSmoke

Brand Fever

4 Brand Fever DreamSmoke

Symphony Online

5 Symphony Online DreamSmoke


6 03 DreamSmoke

Narrow Design

7 Narrow Design DreamSmoke


8 Fiafo DreamSmoke

Theme Designer

9 Theme Designer DreamSmoke

Basil Gloo

10 Basil Gloo DreamSmoke

Mohiuddin Parekh

11 Mohiuddin Parekh DreamSmoke


12 MRCTHMS DreamSmoke

Bright Bright Great

13 Bright Bright Great DreamSmoke


14 Ideaware DreamSmoke


15 Chai DreamSmoke


16 45Royale DreamSmoke

Giant Ant

17 Giant Ant DreamSmoke


18 PixelHaven DreamSmoke


19 Element DreamSmoke

Journey Group

JourneyGroup DreamSmoke

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