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In India, vending machine billboard offers free shirts for tweets

The most recent marketing campaign for fashion designer Allen Solly has seen the company exchange tweets for men’s shirts.   Created by the India branch of advertising agency Ogilvy, the campaign saw a… Continue reading

How to make Snow Tires for your Bike using Zip Ties!

Take that bike out of snow storage, people — the folks at Dutch Bike Co. have a handy way to give your two-wheeled ride some snow tires for cheap — all you need are zip ties!… Continue reading

Battery-Free Lamp for Developing Nations : Powered by Gravity

The GravityLight provides cheap, safe and environmentally-friendly light for areas with poor electricity access.’s GravityLight provides cheap, safe and environmentally-friendly light for developing nations. While solar panels can be expensive and rely on… Continue reading

Practical and Stylish Clothes for Female Cyclists

Fashion startup Iva Jean has redesigned some wardrobe staples to help women stay stylish while they cycle. Founded by Seattle-based designer Ann DeOtte, the business is currently offering its Spring 2013 range aimed at making… Continue reading

Living Christmas trees, delivered and replanted for free

Green Rabbit is encouraging consumers in Austria to purchase a Living Christmas Tree that can be picked up and replanted after the season is over. Christmas trees are considered an integral part of… Continue reading

In Sweden, Bus Stops offer Light Therapy for Winter Depression

Swedish firm Umeå Energi has replaced bus stop advertising boards with therapeutic illumination, hoping to tackle instances of winter depression. Considering some reports suggest that the prevalence of seasonal affective disorders can reach as high as 9.5… Continue reading

Electric Scooters provide a Green Taxi Service in Amsterdam

Dutch company Hopper has introduced an eco-friendly taxi service to the streets of Amsterdam that uses electric scooters rather than cars. Providing a cheap and environmentally-friendly form of transportation, Hopper scooters are intended… Continue reading

Pop-up Pizzeria turns Saved Energy into Pizza

The Vest Pizza restaurant powered its ovens with the energy saved by the neighborhood. Recently, two Danish-based companies teamed up to create the Vest Pizza campaign, which included a restaurant that powered its… Continue reading

Prototype Engagement Rings take place of the Real Deal until Proposal

UK jeweler Hot Pink is helping proposers save money by creating a prototype of their bespoke ring in case their partner says no. Based in London, the company offers unique jewelry items designed by each… Continue reading