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Mission SeedBomb – Seeds of Revolution : Guerrilla Gardening Drone Warfare

  This title maybe misleading but the intention is pretty peaceful! Legend has it that after the World War II got over, American pilot Gale Halvorson airdropped candies in the name of hope,… Continue reading

25 Amazing Portfolio Website Designs for 2013

Portfolio websites are a favorite source of design inspiration for me. Not only is it helpful to see how other designers and agencies are presenting their work samples and presenting their services, but… Continue reading

A Showcase of Creatively Redesigned Movie Posters

Being a designer is a never-ending quest. Designers must constantly improve and expand their skills, as trends in design are always changing. Like any art susceptible to the whims of fashion, design reflects… Continue reading


Interview Russia highlighted the Italian label ETRO for a spread in their November 2012 issue.  The exquisite styling fused with Nikolay Biryukov raw photography comes together in the form of a chaotic collage that grace the pages of this… Continue reading