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Mission SeedBomb – Seeds of Revolution : Guerrilla Gardening Drone Warfare

  This title maybe misleading but the intention is pretty peaceful! Legend has it that after the World War II got over, American pilot Gale Halvorson airdropped candies in the name of hope,… Continue reading

Man-Powered Ferris Wheel in India

Man-Powered Ferris Wheel in India Since New Delhi, and indeed much of India, is prone to blackouts and other electrical failures, a group of intrepid carnival attendees have taken to powering ferris wheels… Continue reading

How To Turn a Playing Card Into a Solar-Powered Battery Charger

  This cheap and easy project only takes 10-15 minutes to do, however you will need a couple of PV silicon cells. Other than that, they only parts you really need are a playing… Continue reading

Battery-Free Lamp for Developing Nations : Powered by Gravity

The GravityLight provides cheap, safe and environmentally-friendly light for areas with poor electricity access.’s GravityLight provides cheap, safe and environmentally-friendly light for developing nations. While solar panels can be expensive and rely on… Continue reading

Living Christmas trees, delivered and replanted for free

Green Rabbit is encouraging consumers in Austria to purchase a Living Christmas Tree that can be picked up and replanted after the season is over. Christmas trees are considered an integral part of… Continue reading