In Sweden, Bus Stops offer Light Therapy for Winter Depression

Swedish firm Umeå Energi has replaced bus stop advertising boards with therapeutic illumination, hoping to tackle instances of winter depression. Considering some reports suggest that the prevalence of seasonal affective disorders can reach as high as 9.5… Continue reading

All that is contained inside your Dreams

Emerson Brambila Hello my name is Emerson Brambila. This is my art concept. Portfolio


As we enter the era of GIFs, vectors, and videos, it’s nice to know there are artists out there who still know how to work with the more “traditional” tools. And work them well. Daehyun… Continue reading


The best-selling mobile game, Rovio’s “Angry Birds”, told in the style of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic “The Birds”. Starring Amanda Baker, Cameron Barsanti & Jaimie Alexander (THOR & the new Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle… Continue reading


In this incredible series “Forget Your Past”, travel photographer Timothy Allen found in Buzludzha, Bulgaria this old building of the communist era the perfect playing field to provide this incredible series. He went on a journey… Continue reading

Electric Scooters provide a Green Taxi Service in Amsterdam

Dutch company Hopper has introduced an eco-friendly taxi service to the streets of Amsterdam that uses electric scooters rather than cars. Providing a cheap and environmentally-friendly form of transportation, Hopper scooters are intended… Continue reading

The Standard Hotel – Design & Construction

Architect Todd Schliemann of Ennead Architects, discusses the process and context for the design and construction of the Standard Hotel in New York.

The Best Films of 2012: A Video Countdown

Grad student, contributor and Criterion Corner blogger David Ehrlich cut this selection of imagery from his favorite films of 2012, all of it set to music used in movies released this year. Bookended… Continue reading


SLUST is the first video of a series of experimental, platonic, fashion videos with a bit of creative erotic expression. “A Semi-Transcendental Art Experience… The Exploration of Universal Ideas…” Created exclusively for WildChild… Continue reading

Pop-up Pizzeria turns Saved Energy into Pizza

The Vest Pizza restaurant powered its ovens with the energy saved by the neighborhood. Recently, two Danish-based companies teamed up to create the Vest Pizza campaign, which included a restaurant that powered its… Continue reading

Prototype Engagement Rings take place of the Real Deal until Proposal

UK jeweler Hot Pink is helping proposers save money by creating a prototype of their bespoke ring in case their partner says no. Based in London, the company offers unique jewelry items designed by each… Continue reading


Interview Russia highlighted the Italian label ETRO for a spread in their November 2012 issue.  The exquisite styling fused with Nikolay Biryukov raw photography comes together in the form of a chaotic collage that grace the pages of this… Continue reading